The Spirit of the Olympic Games

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The Association of Greek engravers (A.G.E.), founded in 1986, is a nonprofit organization composed of well known and famous engravers such as V.Katrakis, K.Gramatopoulos and V.Charos. The Association is composed of 82 members who are working with traditional methods, such as woodcut, etching and lithography, as well as modern printing techniques.
The Spirit of the Olympic Games under the care of A.G.E. is an album that was created during the Olympic Games of 2004 in Greece. It was an idea of the artist printmaker Christos Santamouris and was created under his personal care.
The twelve artist engravers that participate in this album created and printed their work by hand one by one on handmade paper, all in the same size (47 x 33cm on handmade paper sized 54 x 39,5cm). The cover of this album-folio is also handmade.
There are only one hundred (100) copies of them and they are considered collective. The album has been exposed in many Cultural and Municipality Centers in Greece and abroad.

Artists biographies

Anastasia Chatziri

Anastasia Chatziri was born in 1970 in the island of Tinos, Cyclades. She studied painting, engraving and mosaic at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.). As a scholar of the National Scholarchip Institute she was given a grant to study at the Koninklijk Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Gent, Belgium.
Her works can be seen in private collections as well as at the Ministry of Culture. In 1997, she received the award at an engraving contest organized by the House of Arts and Letters for her work inspired by the poetry of Odysseas Elytis. She also received an award in 1998 at the Creta Maris Hotel in Crete. Furthermore, Anastasia Chatziri participated in the video film named “About Engraving” financed by the Ministry of Culture. She was also part of the G.Petropoulos's 6x6 film that was selected for the 1997 Thessalonica film festival.
Anastasia Chatziri participated in collective exhibitions of painting and engraving in Greece and abroad. Since 1998, she has been teaching Art in secondary education colleges. Anastasia Chatziri has designed the scenery for the following plays: “Looking for a liar” and the “Blue turtle” by Dimitri Psatha, the “Hypochondriac” by Moliere and “Weddings” by Gogol.


Nikos Dessekopoulos

Nikos Dessekopoulos was born in 1956 in Piraeus where he lives and works. From 1974 to 1980, he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.), engraving with K. Gramatopoulos and the technique of making Art Books with G. Papadakis for which he received an award in 1980. For an additional year, he took painting lessons with P. Tetsis and ceramic lessons with G .Georgiou. He also studied the art of hagiography with well-known hagiographers and in 1981 the art of restoration technique with T. Margaritof. In 1982 – 1983, he organised the 2nd Engraving workshop with Th. Exarchopoulos at the A.S.F.A.
Nikos Dessekopoulos has been teaching plastic arts in secondary education colleges since August 1983. He supervises and illustrates children's books. He is a member of the Chamber of the Arts. He is also a member of “Aesop”, an association for the illustrators of children's books. He is a founding member of the Association of the Greek Engravers for which he was elected chairman in November 2002.
From 1977 to the present time, Nikos Dessekopoulos has participated to several collective shows and he also presented his work at ten solo exhibitions. His work can be seen at private and public collections in Greece and abroad.


Eleni Ekonomidou

From 1961 to 1965, Eleni Ekonomidou studied engraving typography and the technique of making Art books at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) with K. Gramatopoulos. She graduated with a double award for color and black and white xylography. From 1965 to 1970, she was taught, with A.Tassos at the Doxiades School and also at the Center for Technological Application, drawing, materials technology, advertising brochure and photo composition. For many years, Eleni Ekonomidou was very active as a chairman of the Greek Association of Engravers.
In 1961, at the First Panhellenic Youth Exhibition, she was awarded the second prize for engraving. The following year she obtained the 1st prize. In 1972, she was also awarded the silver medal at a collective exhibition at Tampa in Florida, USA. In 1988, in Rome, she was honored with the Italian State Award “Fontane di Roma”. From 1964 to 1969, she collaborated for book publishing with the newspaper “Ta Nea” and the magazine “Tachydromos”. In parallel with engraving and painting, she has been creating hand-made jewelry.
The work of Eleni Ekonomidou has been seen in seberal personal and collective exhibitions: Athens, Thessalonica, Paris, Rome, Belgrade, Sao Paolo, Geneva, Taipei, as well as in Florida USA, Taiwan, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Belgium, Russia and China.


Jannis Gourzis

Jannis Gourzis was born in 1953 in Athens. He studied etching and the art of fresco at the Athens school of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) from 1974 to 1979. In 1979 he received an award by the A.S.F.A for his work on processional icons and black and white photographs.
From 1984 to 1990, he worked as an engraver at the National Mint of Greece. From 1991 to 1992, he taught engraving at the municipal school of Applied Arts in Volos. In 1992, he taught woodwork technique at a European Union seminar. Since 1992, he teaches at the Department of Engraving at the A.S.F.A. In 1997, he taught engraving to the alumni of the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.
Jannis Gourzis supervised the video film “About Engraving” which was sponsored by the Department of Arts and Literature of Ministry of Culture. He collaborated with chalcographic and xylographic works to many books of collection such as: the “ Ice Prince”, the “ Mockery of Idols”, the “ Procession of the Rose”, “Poems”, the catalog of the Vafopouleio Foundation and the chalcographies for Mediterranean Games on the City of Bar, Italy and so on.
His works can be seen in several public and private collections in Greece and abroad: Athens, Paris, Toronto, Moscow, Belgium, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, Slovenia, India, Luxembourg, Norway, Korea, Italy and Holland.


Aria Komianou

Aria Komianou was born 1938 in Athens. She is a graduate cum Laude, from the Department of Department of Engraving of the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.), in xylography, lithography and chalcography. There, she also graduated in art history as well.
Since 1962, she has presented her work in 18 personal exhibitions and in many collective shows in Greece and abroad. She has been honourd with many awards during her international presentations. Her works may be seen in private collections and museums in Greece and abroad. She is a mentioned in the Who's Who of Professional and Business Women, as well as in: 2.000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century. The biography of Aria Komianou has been published in the book of the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England.
Aria Komianou is a member of the Chamber of the Greek Artists. She is also a founding member of the Association of Greek Women Artists and a member of the board of the American Institute of International Biography.


Dimitra Koumantaki

Dimitra Koumantaki,derives from Crete but lives and works in Athens. She studied painting, engraving and mosaic at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) and decoration at the Vacalo School. As a scholar of the National Scholarship Institute, she undertook a postgraduate artistic creative research on engraving.
Dimitra Koumantaki was a guest at various international meetings and seminars on Art Education. In 1995, she was invited to participate at the “Erasmus program”in Leiden and Dordrecht in the Netherlands. She has been teaching in the secondary school since 1990 and has also been teaching from 1999 to 2009 in the printmaking atelier of A.S.F.A.
She has shown her work five times in one man show, and many times in group exhibitions in Greece as well as in Serbia, Cyprus,Slovakia, Japan, Czech Republic, Croatia, France and several other countries.
She has participate in the 5th Biennial of Beijing, China(2010). She has also participate in the exchibitions of the Greek Printmakers Society all over Greece.


Xenis Sachinis

Xenis Sachinis born in 1954 in Thessalonica. From 1973 to 1978, he studied engraving and scenography at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.)where he graduated cum Laude. Then,from 1981 to 1985, he studied in Paris at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts. In 1986, he was hired to teach drawing and engraving by the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts at the Thessalonica School of Fine Arts.
From May 1997, Xenis Sachini has been an Associate Professor at the Department of Engravings at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University in Thessalonica. The same year, he founded with Manolis Yiannadakis an engraving workshop in the former “Helios” factory in Neapoli near Thessaloniki. He also gave masterly classes of engraving in France and collaborated with some New York workshops.
His work may be seen at the Nationale Gallery and at the Tellogleio Foundation in Thessalonica, at the Vorres Museum, at the Municipal Museums of Athens and Thesaloniki, in the Antoniou Collection, in the Institute of Macedonian Studies, at the Thessalonica French Institute, at the Florina S.Tsoukali Museum of Modern Art. He also has had several personal and collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


Christos Santamouris

Christos Santamouris born in the island of Tinos, Cyclades. He graduated from the Pyrgos School of Fine Arts (Tinos), the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A) and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Since 1992, he has been teaching etching at the Chabille Academie des Beaux Arts near Paris. In the meantime, he participated in several personal and collective exhibitions in Greece, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy,Germany, India, South Korea and Canada.
Christos Santamouris was bestowed in 1982 the “Prix du Createur” by the Museum of Uzes, France; in 1985 the 1st prize for etching by the Academie of Chabille and the Demoulin Award of the French Artists Association; in 1989, the Drawing award by the Chaville Academie; in 1990, the Paris Saint Cloud Etching award and in 1995 the Voisins-le-Bretonneux Etching award. In the year 2000, he conceived and realized the trophy to be used for the Prix Mireille (a special award for promoting of new talents).
In 1991, he created the “Art Editions Artemis 656” and published many art books that he illustrated such as : Nikos Kazantzaki's “Ascese” containing 14 etchings; then two volumes of “Odysee” containing 24 etchings, 12 each. In 2002, with the collaboration of many artists,he created the Art Edition “Collection 7” for which he produced and illustrated the first of five volumes of “ Letter to Creco” by Nikos Kazantzakis. Moreover, he contributes to “ Voix d' Encre” editions as an illustrator for poetry books.


Roubina Sarelakou

Roubina Sarelakou was born in Athens in 1950. She studied at the Athens School of fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) from 1969 to 1974 with N. Nikolaou, G. Moralis and K. Gramatopoulos and at the Ecole des Beayx Arts in Paris with G. Dayez from 1974 to 1976.
Roubina Sarelakou received many awards: The Athens Academy in 1980, the House of Arts and Letters in 1985, the Tranoulis Foundation in 1986 and the award of Honour at the International Biennale of Engraving “Intergraphic” in Berlin in 1986.
Roubina Sarelakou taught drawing and color at the Vacalo School. In the year 2000, she created the scenery for the Tennessee Williams' play “Outcry”, produced by George Armenis' New Greed theatre. She has designed numerous Ex Libris for the V.Zeugolis collection.
Her work has been seen in 20 personal exhibitions and several collective participations in Greece and abroad: Paris, New York, London, Venice, Grenoble, New Delhi, Cyprus and Luxembourg. Her works can be seen in public and private collections in Greece and abroad.


Mary Schina

Mary Schina was born in Serres, Greece, in 1948. She studied Printmaking (1966-1971) and Typography-Graphic Design (1971-1973), at the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Lithography (1976-1981) at the École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris.
As Visiting Scholar, she attended Advanced Printmaking at New York University, NY (1996-1997), and as Visiting Lecturer Advanced Printmaking and Digital Prints at the Columbia College Chicago, Chicago (2004). Mary Schina has taken part in International Seminars in Norway, Paris, Lebanon and Holland. From 1981 to 1993, she taught Plastic Art at the Psychiko College in Athens. Since 1993 she has been teaching in the Printmaking Department of the Athens School of Fine Arts, and is now Assistant Professor.
Her work has been shown in 25 solo exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, France, Germany, New York, India and Wisconsin USA, and in more than 100 group shows and International Biennials in Greece and abroad.She was awarded the “Dr. Iwasaki Prize”, at the 4th Kyoto International Woodprint Exhibition,Japan, 2003, and “Award of the Rector of Szczecin Academy of Applied Art”, at the International Print Triennial-Krakow in Poland, 2009.
Her works can be found at: the Cabinet des Estampes of the National Library in Paris, the International Graphic Art Society in New York, the Ministry of Culture in Athens, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, the Modern Greek Art Museum in Rhodes, the Vorres Museum in Paiania, the Museum of Graphic Arts in Cairo, Egypt, the Municipal Gallery and the Hagia Paraskevi Gallery in Athens, the E. Averoff Gallery in Metsovo, the Gallery of the Friends of the People's Association in Athens, the Moschandreou Gallery in Messolonghi, the Constantine Karamanlis Foundation in Athens, the Alpha Bank Collection in Greece, the Contemporary Art Gallery in Chamalières, France, the University of Wisconsin River Falls, USA Permanent Art Collection, and in many private collections in Greece, France, Germany, England, India, and the USA.


Rena Tzolaki

Rena Tzolaki was born in Heraklion, Crete. She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts (A.S.F.A.) painting with G.Moralis and with A. Georgiadis and engraving with G. Kefallinos. Then, with a grant from the National Scholarship Institute, she specialized in lithography. She went to study in Paris, at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, lithography with P.E. Clairin and the technique of making art books at the Ecole Estienne. She lives and works in Paris.
Personal exhibitions in: Paris, Athens, London, Aix-en-Provence, Auxerre and Thessalonica. Rena Tzolaki also participated at International exhibitions such as: the Venice Biennale where she was a guest at the American pavilion; the Paris Youth Biennale, the I.CAF on London, Tongo, Saga and le Mois de l' Estampe in Paris. She illustrated with her lithographs Verlaine's 4th book edited by La Noubelle Librairie de France. She also illustrated “Lui,ici” by D.Analis, edited by Biren.
In 1975, Rena Tzolaki was honored with the Prix Florence Gould from the Academie des Beaux Arts de France for her achievement in lithography. Her works may be seen at the Paris Library, at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. And in private collections in France, Greece, England, America, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Argentina and several other countries.


Manolis Yiannadakis

Manolis Yiannadakis was born in 1954 in Athens. He studied Graphic Arts in the Athens Technological Institute(1972-1975) and Printmaking (1975-1980), Printing and Book Illustration (1979-1981) in the Athens School of Fine Arts. From 1986 to 1997 he taught drawing, and from 1997 to the present day taught printmaking, at the school of Visual and Applied Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2011 he was elected full Professor of Printmaking in the same Faculty.
In 1997, in cooperation with Xenis Sachinis, Manolis Yiannadakis created the Printmaking Researtch Center and Workshop in the old factory of "Helios"in Neapoli, Thessaloniki where he co-coordinated artistic residencies, workshops,lectures,and exhibitions since April of 2006.
Manolis Yiannadakis presented his artistic works in many one-man shows and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He received an honorable distinction (1984) of the House of Letters and Arts, for the Enhancement of the Greek Graphic. In 1986 he received an award in the 4th International Biennial of Portraits of Drawing and Printmaking in Tusla, Bosnia. His work can be found in private and public collections in Greece and abroad.

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